3 Tips to Take Your Journaling to the Next Level

I’ve got an on and off relationship with journaling. When I’m not taking pen to paper or typing in my google doc, I am expressing what’s going on in my life in the caption of my IG.

So essentially, I am journaling just about everyday.

Now it’s time to take my journaling game to the next level, and yours.

Have you been writing in your journal for a while, and feel like something is missing? Here are 3 tips to help get to the next level.

1. Write About What Scares You

Start by writing about what scares you. This helps you to delve deeper into your thoughts when you are journaling, instead of just writing about your day. It can be easy to get used to the same journaling every day, where you are just going over what your plans are, but to get deeper into journaling and reveal more about yourself, you need to write about what scares you.

This can be thoughts and concerns now or in the future, or your literal fears. Maybe you have anxiety and want to talk about things you can’t do because of your anxiety, or you are scared of things like your business failing or a relationship ending. As with all journaling, make sure you are honest with yourself when writing.

2. Try Scripting

Scripting is a style of writing often used in law of attraction and personal development, where you write in the present tense, as if what you are trying to manifest has already happened. A lot of scripting starts with “I am” instead of “I want to” or “I hope”. Even if the thing hasn’t happened yet, you are writing as if it has. This gets it into your mind what it will be like when you complete that goal or achieve that life accomplishment. You really want to think about what your life will be like, how it will change, how you will feel, and write all of those details down.

3. Journal Your Biggest Anxieties

Do you have big, anxieties you never tell anyone, not even your journal? Now might be a good time to start. You of course want to make sure your journal is private and nobody will ever be able to read it. Once you do that, start writing down your anxieties. They may vary in the types or sizes of anxieties, thoughts you have never admitted, to something you have been bottling up for a long time. This can be really therapeutic when there is something you can’t tell anyone and you just have to keep to yourself.

If you are ready to begin your journey through journaling, join me over in my FB group, the Tarafied Tribe.

Love you for reading.

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Tara Martina Hayes is author of the free 22-page report, “Panic To Picnic: 15 Natural Alternatives for Anxiety Management”. Drop by http://www.panictopicnic.com for your free copy.