5 Steps to Become A Published Author

If you were ever wondering how to publish a book on Amazon, I’ll break it down for you in 5 steps!

Ready, Set Think!

Think about what you want to write about. After you’ve thought about what you want to accomplish with your book, make sure to research your topic.

Write it out!

Once you’ve chosen your topic, write an outline! Outlining will make it much easier to write your draft. If you have writer’s block, find inspiration from blogs or rework some of your old content.

Format for profession.

Make sure your book looks good! Read that thang over and over for flow and content! If it looks unprofessional, readers will quickly move on. 🖐🏽

To publish your book via Amazon, you will need to sign up for KDP Direct Publishing.

Finally, upload your manuscript (book), book cover, choose pricing, and publish!

Need help? I will gladly help you become a published Amazon Author!

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