During our Chill Chat™, we will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision of what you truly want…
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be standing in your way…
  • Formulate a foundation for your renewed, re-energized, ‘ready-for-whatever’ bomb-ass mindset

You will leave this chat feeling recharged, refocused and ready to get results faster and easier than you ever believed possible.

Tara Hayes

I’m a Mental Health Fitness Author & Anxiety Management Authority

I help frantic and fearful professional, entrepreneurial and hard working women to overcome worry, fear, and anxiety while ‘getting the jog done’ on their own personalized path from problems with panic to a peaceful, purposeful, and powerful lifestyle.

My Mental Health Fitness Method is based on three pillars: the disciplines of Peace, Purpose and Power. 

I believe that all 3 areas need to be addressed for optimum mental health, physical health and emotional well being.

In my opinion, there is no “One-Plan-Fits-All”. We will work together to unpack and personalize a plan of action that fits your specific problems with panic because that’s the way you will be able to maintain and sustain your peaceful, purposeful and powerful lifestyle in the long term.

My mental health fitness program is a unique blend of natural alternatives to prescription medications, stress reducing techniques, delicious recipes and mindset hacks to transform your habits and help you achieve all your peaceful, purposeful and powerful goals easily. It isn’t a simple fitness plan, it’s a holistic approach to achieving mental health and emotional intelligence and physical wellness.

Let’s find the fitness formula you enjoy, give you energy and make you feel and look great!

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen.


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