How to Research Your Ideal Customer

What is an Ideal Customer?

Your ideal customer can be defined as the target market that you need to attract to succeed and grow your business. Reaching these ideal customers will typically require a product or service that solves a specific problem or meets a specific need.

It’s important to identify what those problems and/or needs are if you hope to expand your clientele and reach more potential customers. But it’s not just about the product; it’s also crucial to identify key characteristics of your ideal customer so that you can easily find similar potential customers.

Determine the Goal for Your Ideal Customer

Before you write a single word or start researching your ideal customer, take some time to consider what you want to accomplish with your product. This is the most important step you can do so don’t skip it.

You may have one goal for your product or you might have several goals for it. For example, if your product is an ebook, Tina wanted to use her eBook to establish herself as an expert in the parenting niche. However, she also planned to use the book to create a passive income stream, too. This meant that when she chose her topic, she picked one that she could easily turn into a series later.

Choose Your Product and/or service

Start your determining the product/service you will provide by brainstorming and focusing on this question:

What problems are you solving for your audience?

What need does your product/service fill? Who would benefit from your product or service the most? Where can you reach those specific people? And one of the most important questions to ask yourself: Who would pay money for what you have to offer? It’s a lot to consider!

To make the ideal customer identification process simpler, we’ve broken it down into three stages: PAM, which I will share in next week’s blog post.

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