I Showed my Sister How to Create a Listing on Etsy. This is what happened.

This week I helped my sis get her first product up on my Etsy shop!

She doesn’t have an Etsy shop of her own yet so I was kind enough to share a listing with her. After all, she only has the one product so far.

I previously showed her how to create the Natural Hair Guide in Canva. It was time to create the Etsy ad.

Literally all I did was download the pages included in the Natural Hair guide as PNGs so I could upload them to Canva and drop in my mockup templates.

I’ve been creating mockups for some time now and what seemed so simple to me was difficult for my sister, who’s definitely a newbie. I have to remember that I was in her shoes a year ago, not having a clue of what to do in Canva.

We worked on the description for her Natural Hair Guide and then I showed her how to upload the PNGs to Etsy.

During the process, she said she had on idea about what I do.

I said, I know! Nobody knows what I do until I show them, which is why I’m so valuable.

I can’t wait to train my sis in Canva so she can feel confident enough to create her own guides and mockups.

There’s no better feeling than to know that I’ve helped someone by passing my knowledge on.

Want to see how my sister’s first listing on Etsy came out? Click Here.

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