I wish I had this at the Quick Connect

Have you ever attended a year end quick connect?

I shared my experience with you in a previous blog post. I may have felt like the smallest person in the room but the truth is I showed up authentically.

I didn’t try to be anyone else but me and it was appreciated. I wish I had one thing with me during the Quick Connect and that’s my Author One Sheet.

What is an Author One Sheet? It’s a compilation of your background and expertise as an Author, Artist, Blogger, Podcaster, Creator all in one place.

You can use your author one sheet to get featured in major media!

This is just how I use my Author One Sheet for myself.

If you’re an Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Creator, you should have an Author One Page!

I have a Done For You Author One Sheet template over at my Etsy shop.

Click HERE to Download!

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