Interview With VoyageLA Magazine

A little over a month ago, I was emailed to interview with VoyageLA magazine by a member of the editorial staff.  

This was the same day that I spoke to my audience about 3 Powerful Shifts to Uplevel their life.  

I instructed my audience to adjust their motherf*cking crown.  This declaration resonated so much with the women in my audience that some commented, “motherf*ckin crown straightened!”

I was experiencing a new energy, which is why I believe I was contacted by the editorial staff on the same day that I made such a powerful post.  

When I read the email from Kris Williams on the editorial staff of VoyageLA to interview for their magazine, I freaked out.  

I was thinking how did Kris find me?  Why did Kris want to interview me?

 I let me fears get in the way because I’m not originally from LA.  I was focusing on things that didn’t matter instead of embracing the opportunity. 

One of my IG sisters, Jeulani, felt my story needed to be shared far and wide, which is why she referred me to the magazine.  .

Also, VoyageLA loves to share the stories of rising stars and hidden gems.

After telling Kris that I wasn’t originally from LA, I thought I blew the opportunity to be interviewed but I’m grateful that my location didn’t stop the publication.

I realize and acknowledge that my creativity and impact is both enlightening and empowering.  

The next time I am asked to feature, I wil not panic, but realize it’s due to my work and contribution to the Mental Wellth Niche.

To read my full interview with VoyageLA, click here. 

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