My experience going live in my Facebook group for 5 days straight

 Hey there. 

Recently I went live for 5 Days straight in my Facebook Group. The reason I went live was to deliver the Positive Mindset Challenge that I had hundreds of people sign up for!
The goal was definitely to give the people what they want. I spent weeks putting this challenge together so I want you to get the value, right?

This is what I learned from that experience.
The first day of the challenge, absolutely NO ONE showed up to be live with me.

What did I do? I carried on and delivered my message as if the hundreds of people that signed up were right there with me. I learned that it’s not about how many people that show up or how many people that don’t. It’s about ME showing up for MYSELF. Then eventually everyone else will show up. So, I must lead by example. I did notice a little more engagement from members once the live video was posted.
I did my part.

I delivered what I said I would deliver. I can’t make anyone do anything. I have no control over what others do. I was satisfied with my delivery. I made sure to let my email list know EVERYDAY when I was going live in my Facebook group. It was up to them to attend.
Someone showed up!

I believe it was the second day of the live training and one of my biggest supporters showed up! I was so happy that I had one person live with me. It felt like 100. Also, I kept in mind that members could always catch the replay. It’s common that more people show up to replays of live trainings than the actual trainings.
The Takeaway

 Showing up live everyday taught me to be consistent. It felt good sticking to my word and showing up for myself. Also, the only person’s actions that I have control over are my own. I can provide the tools and resources but if someone doesn’t take it upon themselves to participate, it’s not a reflection on me. Now if I said I would be there everyday and never showed, then that’s a bad look on my part.

I also learned that although people may not always engage, that doesn’t mean they aren’t watching and benefitting from what is being shared.

Join me in the Tarafied tribe and come interact! Would love to have you be involved.

Love you for reading!

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