My First 5K Run

Last weekend, I participated in my first 5K run and possibly my last. I have not decided yet if I will participate in another 5K run.

First of all, I originally signed up in January. I joined a Facebook group that an old colleague of mine was hosting. She is a seasoned runner.

When I saw the event back in January, I said to myself, why not run a 5k?

I wanted to experience a 5k run because it’s something that I had never done before, and it was for Suicide Awareness. 

Two days before the event, which took place on April 15th, I asked my sister to join me. When I sent her the signup link, we discovered that the event wasn’t free. So really, I signed up for the FB group back in January, and not the actual event.

I could have backed out after finding out that the event wasn’t free like I originally thought. But I decided to participate anyway because I already had my mind set on it. Also, the 5k run was for Suicide Awareness.

You guys should know by now that I’m all about mental health awareness. Admittedly I also thought that participating in a 5k run would make great content for my socials.

It was partly cloudy outside as we walked up to the starting line.

I had no idea that the run would be timed, and that most people would be RUNNING. The man with the megaphone counted us down to start the run. In the beginning, I tried to keep up with the pack. I yelled at my sister to hurry up so that we could keep up.

We took my baby niece as well, and my sister had to push the stroller. Let me tell you it is difficult running with a stroller! I know because I helped push for part of the run.

Needless to say, the pack was gone! They must have all been trained runners because we never caught back up with them.

There were a few other stragglers in the back with my sister and me. One woman had her son running with her. He was unable to keep up. There were also two other women with us. My sister and I were running side by side. I stopped and asked the woman behind us if she knew the path. She told me to keep running up to the cop car parked at the corner, and they would direct us.

She also informed us that at that point, we were only one mile in! When she told us that, me and my sister both screamed, “What?!”

That’s because we were already exhausted and just wanted the run to be over with. Also, I had no idea that a 5k run was 3 miles. I had never run 3 miles at one time in my life! If I would have known that a 5k run was 3 miles, it would have discouraged me from participating.

The woman with the young son called her husband and he picked up their son who was experiencing a stomach ache.

After her son was picked up, she picked up the speed! That woman was out! We didn’t see her anymore on the path.

The other two women that we were behind with us picked up the speed too. Eventually it was just me and my sister in the back.

We got to the halfway point and there were a few guys at a table waiting to give us water. I said, “I don’t want anything else but to know that the run is almost over.” That’s when they told me that we were halfway through.

I couldn’t believe it! I felt like I was running and walking all day long! My chest started hurting and my heart was beating out of my chest, so I decided to slow down. At that point, I was just praying to make it out alive. I thought about quitting, going off the path but I couldn’t do that. There was a cop car riding right behind me to make sure that we stayed the course.

I turned the corner and saw some other participants in the event. They weren’t runners but they were helping out. They encouraged me to keep going and that all I had to do was run up the hill. I found some strength and energy to begin running again. I left my sister behind. I said to myself that each individual had to finish their own race.

At this point, I was angry and sweaty, but I kept moving. I felt bad for leaving my sister, so I stopped and turned around to see if I saw her. She was still moving. I made my way to the finish line. I wanted to have a strong finish, but I walked in.

I finished the 5k within 47 minutes. At the finish line was the little boy that got picked up and his mother. She told him to hand me a water. When he handed me the water, I said to him. “you’re lucky that you got picked up.” His mother and I both laughed together. I was happy to finish the race. At the same time, I was embarrassed for finishing second to last.

I wanted to be at the top of the pack. There were a few lessons that I learned here. The important thing is that I finished the 5k. How many people can say that they’ve done a 5k run? I’m sure plenty of people but I don’t know them personally. Also, it was my first 5k run. How could I have possibly been at the top of the pack if it was my first run and everyone else most likely trained prior?

I also learned to not be afraid to try new things, but make sure to come prepared! When I finished the 5k, I talked to another participant.  I told him that it was probably my first and last race. He asked me why?  I said because I’m not in the shape for it and I have to train first.  He challenged me by saying, that is a catch 22.  How do you get in the shape to run a 5k? You have to do it and that’s how you get in the shape.  He was right.  I was limiting myself by not believing that I was worthy to run.  Also, I compared myself to him.  He got finished in 24 minutes.  It took me 47 minutes.  But that wasn’t his first 5k.  He did his first one in 2018. 

If I want to participate in a 5k run next year, it would be a good idea to start training now. I can start training by running a mile daily.

I may not be a trained runner but I’m damn sure a trained author.

If you want to become a published author, then you better start training now. How can you start training to become a published author? The first step honestly is journaling.

If you are unsure of how to begin journaling, no worries. I am currently hosting a free 14-day journaling accountability challenge.

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