My First Year End Quick Connect

Today I attended my first quick connect via a networking app called Alignable. I had the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs for potential partnerships and referrals.

It was nerve wracking to say the least. We all met virtually via zoom in one big room. Then we were split up into breakout rooms where we were able to meet other entrepreneurs for 7 minutes.

My first breakout room was with a brand artist named Mark. He started off as a graphic designer and built his career up to become a master brand strategist. He’s even had celebrity clients like Paul McCartney. I explained my nervousness to Mark and he said after about 50 of the greets, I won’t even care anymore.

Also, it’s completely normal to be nervous. And he made me feel better when he brought up the famous actor Tim Burton and how he was extremely nervous each time before he got on stage and once, he got on, he did amazing.

I would go on to participate in 5 more breakout sessions, meeting 2 or 3 more entrepreneurs in each breakout room. I explained to them that I was an introvert. I really enjoyed chatting with Shelly the Life Coach and Darrien, who provides Merchant Services.

I’m reflecting on the way I represented myself and I honestly felt like I was the smallest person in the room. Not representing myself as the authority that I know I can be.

What I am the proudest of is seeing the sessions all the way through. Honestly, I wanted to quit after meeting the first two or three entrepreneurs. It’s not that they weren’t great people, it was my own fear telling me to run away. Also, I feared someone would try to pitch me. Even if they did, I don’t have to take the service.

Overall, it was a new and needed experience for me and the more that I attend them, the more connections I will make, and the more my network will increase.

One thing that I wish I had with me when I attended the quick connect was my Author One Sheet. An Author One Sheet gives a summary of your background and the work that you’ve accomplished. If I brought my Author One Sheet with me, I could’ve shared it in the zoom chat! Oh, well, I know for next time to bring it with me.

Do you have an Author one sheet that you can bring with you to a Quick Connect to showcase yourself as the authority in your space?

If not, I will gladly share mine with you. CLICK HERE to download my Author one sheet. You’ll thank me when it’s time to attend your first or next quick connect!

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