Overcoming Worry, Fear, and Anxiety with Karla

I met Karla about a year ago when she was struggling with her anxiety.

She was anxious all the time and fearful of having a heart attack due to her family history.  She wanted to exercise but feared a strenuous routine would send her heart into overdrive.  She had not felt like herself in a long time.  

She was overwhelmed, fretting, and worrying which led to an anxiety-filled life.

Everyday becomes a battle between yourself to control your anxiety.  

Then Karla worked with me to develop a positive mindset and regain control of her life .  

And right on time because Karla has two children and did not want them to see her struggling with anxiety anymore. 

After participating in the Positive Mindset Challenge,  Karla was feeling more in control and like herself again.  In fact, this is what she had to say: 

Karla’s mindset has shifted towards anxiety and she now feels more calm and  makes time for self-care.  

It all started because she signed up to develop a positive mindset and regain control of her life.

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