Panic Proof Goal Planning for a Positive Mindset

TDLR;): Goal planning for a positive mindset will allow you to work toward it without losing sight of the big picture. Don’t have time to read the 5-minute article? Jump to the end and download the PDF version to read later plus a FREE GIFT!

When you’re in the planning stages of completing a task, what is the first thing you do? Some people jump headlong into tasks with the goal of completing them, while others are more methodical and comfortable with making lists and setting each stage to a schedule.

People make grocery lists to remember items that they needed to include, so how much more important could it be when you are confronting issues with mental health?

List making can be a massive help to those working towards mental health progress, and we will be exploring how to incorporate them into your journal.

Self-Care List

What kinds of things do you need to do in order to feel fulfilled? Some people struggle with their daily functions of life. This is where it might be a really good idea to make a list of the things that you have a hard time getting to.

When you are stuck in a loop it can be easy to skip over washing your face, brushing your teeth and other tasks that make life just a little bit more bearable.

Maybe you need to listen to music and relax a few times a day – be sure to include it in your list and try to cross it off the list a few times a week. It’s important to keep yourself from becoming too isolated, but alone time is also key for realigning yourself.

Do you need a Routine?

Successful planning depends on a consistent routine. What can you include in a routine?

Like most things, what works in one person’s daily self-care routine might not work for you. However, here are some ideas of what can be helpful:

Try yoga in the morning – Yoga is wonderful for everyone with anxiety or stress. It is relaxing and teaches you how to practice your breathing exercises. I do this myself!

Switch to a healthy breakfast – Taking good care of your body will also help you to take care of your mind. Everything is connected, so start your day right with a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Write in your journal daily – Writing in a journal provides a long list of benefits when you have anxiety. You can write out any thoughts or fears you have, and actually get to the core of why you feel this way.

Use a daily planner – Planners allow you to reduce some stress and anxiety over the fear of missing out, or feeling like you are always forgetting to do something. Many people with anxiety find that structure is beneficial.

Month/Quarter/Year Goals

Where do you see yourself in a month? How about in 3 months? What about a year?

Having a list of goals that are reasonable to accomplish can help you to make major progress throughout the year. When you look back and see where you started you might be shocked!

What did you learn out of this article? I hope you were able to use these Panic Proof goal planning tips for a positive mindset.

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