Panic Proof S.M.A.R.T Goals Attracting your Desires With Affirmations

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It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, every day, we are bombarded with a bunch of negative messages. These negative messages come through the media, through our daily social interactions, and through our surroundings. This can be incredibly harmful to our minds because the negative messages that we are confronted with daily can inhibit us from finding fulfillment and becoming our true selves. Often, these negative messages will turn into limiting beliefs that will ultimately hold us back from achieving our goals and realizing our dreams. They can even cause you to experience unnecessary stress and anxiety.

To keep your limiting beliefs from imposing more and more unwanted limitations on your daily life and goals, you need to bypass the negative mindset that you’ve adopted and shift to optimism and positivity. Why is it essential to adopt a positive mindset? What you attract into your life is highly dependent on what you think and talk about most of the time, as well as the beliefs that you hold in your mind. This means that being positive will attract more positive experiences and outcomes in your life, while negativity will attract more of the opposite. Implementing a practice of repeating positive affirmations every day can help you attract and manifest everything you desire in life.

State What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

You always want your affirmations to be stated in the positive. The subconscious mind isn’t able to hear the word “no,” so if your affirmation is “I don’t want to be fat,” all it hears is “I want to be fat.” You need to be sure to structure your affirmations so that they only express what you want to change and place your focus on the intended outcome. You should also avoid using the word “want” because it implies the lack, that you don’t have something, which can cause your affirmations to be ineffective.

Keep It Brief

You don’t want to create affirmations that are so long and complicated that you forget what you need to say. Keep them short and to the point. You want to think of your affirmations as a short advertising jingle that you can easily remember.

Make it Specific

You want to make sure that your affirmations are as specific as possible. When affirmations are vague, they produce ambiguous results. For instance, rather than stating, “I am driving my new red sports car,” use “I am driving my new red Porsche 911.”

What did you learn out of this article? I hope these tips for affirming your desires help you with your Panic Proof S.M.A.R.T Goal planning.

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