Panic Proof S.M.A.R.T Goals Simple Ways to Declutter Your Mind

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Anything going on in your mind can become mind clutter. It often starts very simple and innocent, like remembering to pay your bills, catching up on laundry, getting the kids to soccer practice, and running errands over the weekend. Unfortunately, the clutter adds up very quickly, to where you start to become stressed and overwhelmed.

Suddenly, you have a chronic headache, your back never stops hurting, you are having trouble eating and sleeping, and your anxiety is worse. This is all the result of too much stress, which started with too much mind clutter.

If this sounds like you, here are some easy ways you can start reducing the mind clutter.

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

This can sometimes be the hardest part of decluttering your mind, since it is so easy to have a negative thought process. It might seem counter-intuitive, but thinking negative thoughts is often much easier than positive thoughts. However, if you want to get all that clutter and overwhelm and stress out of your mind, you need to start thinking more positively.

This starts with stopping the pity parties, being disappointed, living with guilt, and feeling sorry for yourself. What has already happened can’t be undone, so all you can do now is accept it and move forward it. Instead of telling yourself you can’t do something, think of a way you can. Or change your perspective and goals. Find a way to have confidence in yourself and your own abilities, and suddenly that clutter in your mind changes.

Declutter Your Home and Workspace

If you want to clear the clutter in your mind, you also need to clear the clutter in your home and workspace. Physical clutter can often cause too much stimulation, and ultimately lead to more stress and overwhelm in your life.

Look around you in the areas where you spend your time, and see if there is a way to reduce the physical clutter. Organize your belongings, clean out your fridge, make sure your bedroom is simply decorated without laundry everywhere, and clean out your car. Your workspace should also be clutter-free in order to concentrate only on work.

Write Everything Down

If you want to declutter your mind, you need to get all of those thoughts, worries, stresses, and feelings out of your head. Start writing everything down, any time you are trying to work through something. Have a to-do list in your head? Write it down! Worried about something coming up? Write it in your journal! Concerned you might miss an appointment? Set a reminder in your phone!

You can also try a big brain dump, where you just write down anything and everything in your journal. This allows you to get all the thoughts out of your head and actually make sense of them. Do these as often as you need to in order to get rid of all the mind clutter.

Choose Your Priorities

It is virtually impossibly to never worry about anything and have everything perfectly organized and neat all the time. However, you can start setting priorities with what you deal with on your own, and what you delegate or choose to skip entirely.

You are only one person, so if you find that a lot of your thoughts and worries aren’t even your own, or are not the most important things in your life, then it is time to let some of them go.

Set priorities for yourself, your job, and your home life. Your family should come first, so even though you want to help out a friend, you might not have the time and energy to do it. Write down a list of things you have going on or what you have been thinking about, then put them in order of highest to lowest priority.

Stop Doubting Your Own Abilities

In some ways, the clutter adds up in your mind because you don’t have the courage or motivation to get things done. Don’t let your own self-doubt take up space in your mind! When you think more positively, gain confidence, and understand your own abilities, you will be able to tackle some of these projects you have been dreaming about for so long.

What did you learn out of this article? I hope these Tips help you declutter your mind with your Panic Proof S.M.A.R.T Goal planning.

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