Panic Proof Writing Process for Introverted Authors

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Step 1 – Research Your Book

Publishing a Kindle eBook can grow your business in exciting, new ways. Some Introverted Authors use eBooks to grow their platforms and develop a fan base.

You can publish eBooks to create an additional source of passive income in your business, too. You can use eBooks to boost your credibility, making it easy for you to become a sought-after Introverted Author.

You might think that writing and publishing an eBook is a difficult process but it’s not. In fact, the journey to becoming a published author can be fun and enjoyable if you know what to do. Here’s some Panic Proof ways to get your writing process started…

Determine the Goal for Your Book

Before you write down anything. take some time to consider what you want to accomplish with your book. This is the most important step you can do so don’t skip it.

One thing to keep in mind, when determining the overall goal of your book, is that it doesn’t have to be monetary. For example, you might plan to write a book and give it away for free. The reason some authors do this is because they use the book as the first step of their funnel.

Another reason you may want to publish a book could be to establish authority in your niche.

Before you know it you’ll begin networking with professional journalists and established bloggers.

As you consider your goals and determine how you’ll sell your book, don’t do it without a plan.

Do research and see what others in your niche are doing. Do most Introvered Authors use their books as an introduction to their funnel?

Are they using complimentary products like workbooks or journals to their audience?

Knowing this information can help refine your offer so that your audience responds with excitement to your book.

Choose Your Topic

Once you know what you want to achieve with your book, it’s time to get ready to create it.

The best way to come up with a topic is to do some research first. In fact, doing your research in the early stages will help you create a better book.

You’ll know more about what your audience wants and expects, what points to cover, and which subjects other authors left out of their books.

Start your topic brainstorming by focusing on this question: What problems are you solving for your audience?

You should only write a book to solve a problem for your community.

Think about the people you’re passionate about serving and tackle one big problem that continues to haunt them. For example, if you’re a anxiety expert who helps working women turn their ideas into income, you may already know that your audience’s biggest frustration is not having the belief that they can achieve their goals.

How to Outline Your Content

Once you’ve finished your research, you’ll probably have dozens or even hundreds of ideas.

You can take all of these notes and thoughts and turn them into a great outline.

Before you start your outline, it can be helpful to know that there are many ways to outline a book and one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

It’s all about what works for your creative process and makes it easiest for you to write.

Many Introverted authors like to use mind maps when they’re in the beginning stages of their outline. If you haven’t seen a mind-map before, it is a brainstorming device lets you draw visual connections between your ideas.

Instead of “reading” your ideas in a list format, you organize them visually.

Once you have your mind map, it’s easier to outline your book because you can see all of the parts of it at a glance. If you’re having trouble with your outline, consider turning it into a series 10 questions your audience wants answered.

Stay the Course

You might be tempted to skip the research week. It may not seem as exciting or glamorous as some of the other steps involved. However, don’t fall into this trap. Doing your research and taking the time to create a great outline will help you write your book quickly and easily later. It will also make the whole publishing process easier and more enjoyable.

What did you learn out of this article? I hope these Panic Proof writing tips helped you as an Introverted Author.

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