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Hey You. If you’ve been following my social story and are on my mailing list, (a segmented part haha) you may be aware that I am rebranding all of my Panic to Picnic Journals!

Will the rebranding improve my results and drive more traffic to my website? Well, I can’t say for sure, but I knew that I wanted this change for myself. I wanted a new look other than white and purple. I wanted new covers that popped and spoke to me as a person, as well as to the people that I wanted to help.

The first journal that I chose to update was the “Reactivate Your Life” Journal. I chose this journal to update first because we are at the start of a new year. And usually at the beginning of the year is when most people want to start over and get their act together.

So why not begin 2023 with reactivating your life? I have begun the practice of reactivating my life by making daily self-care goals and sticking to them. I make sure to have a healthy fruit plate every morning for breakfast. I also get my steps in my exercise routine.

I am being more mindful of my negative thoughts, and I’ve been practicing thought stopping. Most importantly, I am starting to believe in myself more. This doesn’t mean that negative thoughts don’t still come, but I decided that THIS will be my year to change my life. I will achieve the level of success in my business that I desire.

I know this because I am being more consistent and I’ve been networking more, sharing my story. I’m also sharpening my skills with continued training.

Before I get too far away from the blog topic, let me tell you about the Reactivate Your Life Journal.

I am super proud of this journal because it does the following:

Helps you Identify Self-Care Goals

-Ideas to get involved with family and friends

-Ideas for Personal Rewarding Activities

-Small duties that you would never know are considered self-care.

I even recorded a training in Etsy that shows how to add a new listing! I think I’m getting ahead of myself. Firstly, you can head over to my Etsy shop to grab the Reactivate Your Life Journal.

I would love to know what you like best in the Reactivate your life Journal. Leave a comment below!

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