What I learned by participating in an IG live

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of participating in my first IG live!  This is what happened.

It was not perfect

  I was so nervous but also excited to push through my fear of public speaking!  I was ring light ready as I greeted Jovana with a big smile!  The next thing I knew my phone went flying off of the ring light holder and we lost connection!  You could see my phone flying and us losing connection here.

I was frantic behind the scenes!  Rushing to request to join the live  before it was too late!  Luckily I made it back in! 

It felt like two old friends catching up

Once I regained my composure and put the phone fiasco behind me, I was ready!   The live topic was Mindfulness and Mental Health.  I shared my experiences with mindfulness and Jovana shared hers.  I talked about how I take mindful breaks during long hours on my laptop. I mentioned how I am mindful during Yoga as far as slowing my breathing and letting thoughts come and go.  Once I was relaxed, it really felt like a conversation between two good friends.  Lives are actually not that bad!  I just focused on the questions she asked me and wasn’t too concerned with who was in the audience, or who wasn’t.

I talk really fast when I’m excited.

I was so excited to be sharing my story with the world that I never slowed down!  When I am trying to get my point across, I tend to speed up my delivery.  This is because I want to get everything out of my head before I forget to say it!  

The Takeaway

The Mindfulness and Mental Health IG live was definitely a new experience for me.  I wanted it to be perfect, but it wasn’t.  I rehearsed prior with the intention of bringing great energy and naturalness.  My delivery was great despite it being fast.  The more lives I participate in, the more comfortable and confident I will become.  Everybody “sucks” when they’re new to something.  I am so glad that I was given the opportunity and that I actually participated!  With anxiety, we must rise up against it and show up anyway.  You’ll never know how amazing you can be until you just do it.  

To watch my first IG live, click here.  

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