What the Positive Mindset Challenge Taught Me

This week was my first time officially hosting the 5-Day Positive Mindset Challenge! Since it is mental health awareness month(mental wellth awareness as I refer to it), I thought what better month to pick to begin this challenge?! It’s only been two days but here are some things that I’ve been aware of about myself and that I’m learning.

I’m Way to Hard on Myself

Can you relax, girl? I have to ask myself this question. I put pressure on myself to reach a certain expectation to impress my Worry Free Queens! But why? We’re a group of women that came together for one reason – to get from panic to positive mindset.

I had to recognize and accept that this wasn’t my 50th time presenting in a small group, but my first time. Everybody sucks at their first time. I was extremely proud of myself for sticking to the plan of hosting the challenge and pushing out of my comfort zone. I came back to the second day more relaxed, confident, and less judgmental of my delivery. I abandoned my script and was just me.

Public Speaking is something I can handle

In my book Panic to Picnic (click the link to sign up for my book launch team), I wrote of how Public Speaking was one of my biggest fears due to the fact that so many eyes are on you. If my future self could have told me from 5 years ago that I’d be hosting zoom calls, I wouldn’t have believed it. Ok, a zoom call isn’t exactly public speaking but it’s a start! I have to speak in front of small groups before I can get in front of the masses. Anyway, I’m actually enjoying the calls! The funny part is I’m not a people person, but I can put that aside to help others.

This Challenge is taking my accountability to the next level

In the challenge, I’m asking my Worry Free Queens to take action! How can I ask them to take action if I don’t? As soon as we hang up from our call, I open my Google Doc and start typing away! Maybe not right after but I make sure to get the life work done before my night ends. I call our activities life work because personal development is a lifelong process. Holding my Worry Free Queens accountable in the challenge makes me have to step my accountability game up. There’s no point of asking anything of anyone if I’m not doing the work myself. I love that this challenges me to keep the momentum going and building my winning mindset.

The Takeaway

The Positive Mindset Challenge is just a small part of the plan I have in helping working women overcome worry, fear, and anxiety to regain control of their life. This is just the beginning! Everything in life is run by your mind and if you don’t get control over it, it will run you. I don’t want to see that happen to you. You can definitely live a life of peace, purpose, and power. This type of life always begins with a positive mindset.

Join the 5- Day Positive Mindset Challenge. See you there!

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Tara Martina Hayes is author of the free 22-page report, “Panic To Picnic: 15 Natural Alternatives for Anxiety Management”. Drop by http://www.panictopicnic.com for your free copy.