Workout Routines You’ll Love

Hey gorgeous!

What’s your favorite workout routine? I did a 30-minute deadlift and squats routine combination, courtesy of Fitness Blender and let me tell you it kicked my butt!

It wasn’t the first time I’ve done that routine but it was challenging, possibly because I was using heavier weights!

Squats are hard enough! Try doing them weighted and switching to deadlifts in between intervals in AB format!

I’ve been working out consistently for a year. In the middle of the “fun,” I felt that my form improved! I was tightening up my core muscles and glutes, which is probably why I felt so winded.

And man, did I get a good sweat! Although these trainings have me huffing and puffing, I would say strength training is my favorite routine.

I feel stronger and closer to my goal of blasting the belly fat! Here’s some of the exact strength training exercises that I love.

Overhead Press

It’s something about being able to lift 15 pound dumbbells over my head that makes me feel strong and powerful! Ok 15 pounds isn’t a lot but it is for someone who was reluctant to lift in the first place! I started with 5 pound dumbbells, moved up to 10 pounds, and now I’m at 15 pound dumbbells! Next will be a 20 pound kettle bell!

Tricep Extensions

Have you ever heard the phrase, smart girls lift dumbbells? Well that’s me, lol. I’m just a fan of lifting dumbbells over and behind my head, lol. Don’t judge me. You simply lift your arms straight up, bend them at the elbow behind your head, then extend your arms straight up again.

Dumbbell Halo

These really tire out my arms in a good way. The reason it’s called a halo is because you make a half circle around your head with one dumbbell and bring it around the other way. You can do this exercise in squat position or with knees slightly bent. Just make sure you don’t knock yourself in the head with the dumbbell, lol.


Well, I started the post mentioning the deadlifts that kicked my ass so of course I’ll end with them, right? I enjoy deadlifts because I feel strong in this position. You don’t need too much range of motion. Well, it actually depends on your fitness level. I currently do this exercise with 15 pound dumbbells but who knows what will happen when I move up to 20? Anyway, you bend over with your knees slightly bent. As you’re bending over, make sure to keep a flat back, pull in your core, and that your shoulders don’t round forward. Lower your dumbbells as close to the ground as possible without touching it. Then, pull the dumbbells back up while keeping them close in front of your body. Also make sure not to speed through the motion. Speeding is cheating! Repeat! There’s several variations of this exercise too! You can do a deadlift with toes in or out!

The Takeaway

I love this fitness journey that I’m on. It really is a positive habit that I take part in everyday. Eventually my hard work will show in my flattened belly. Until then, I will keep pushing!

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