Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Peace?

Discover how to Race to Recovery on your personal journey from problems with panic to peace, purpose, and powerful productivity.

If you’re constantly worrying and suffering from anxiety, you’re not alone.

Nearly 18 percent, or 40 million adults in America suffer from anxiety disorders.

While everyone suffers from anxiety during stressful times in their lives, when the anxiety begins to happen daily it can quickly take control of your life.

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Unlock the Secrets and Learn How to Stop the Cycle of Anxiety, Worry, and Fear So You Can Regain Control of Your Life

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Tara Hayes

With more than 15 years experience in anxiety management, who has started her own R.A.C.E. to Recovery with her book and continues to Recognize. Awareness. Changes. Everything. Daily.

Specializing in digital design services for self-publishing non-fiction, self-help, and inspirational authors, I help women of color manage their self-publishing anxiety in less than 30 days by defining, designing and delivering Digital Publishing Services.  

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She [gives] some great examples that I feel pretty much everyone can relate to.

Sharon @ GoodReads


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